I remember writing my first poem when I was fifteen. It centered around my anxieties about turning sixteen and entering the adult world. It was a way of coping, processing. Today I still write poems as a way of facing the reality of growing older and dealing with the death of loved ones. And yes, there are always the poems about nature, seasons, and living where one can see Lake Superior. I am not a disciplined writer and poems come to me at odd times, often triggered by a smell or memory. I also am not a “paper person,” so being able to use the computer to write and organize my work is very helpful.

In past lives, I have been a waitress, run a bakery, sold Tupperware, delivered newspapers, and designed theatrical costumes. My last and most recent job fulfilled my dream of teaching English and creative writing at a college. During this time, I started the Thunderbird Review, now in its sixth year of publication.

My poetry has appeared in over fifty regional and national journals and anthologies, both online and in print. My first chapbook Target Practice was published in 2009 by Parallel Press. Casualties, poems about war and the Holocaust, was published in December of 2017. I have a full-length collection of poems scheduled for fall of 2018 published by Clover Valley Press. Now retired, I share my love of poetry through continuing education classes and serving as president of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. I live in Maple, Wisconsin where my husband and I raised two children and now tend too many gardens.